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Lovi's Beauty Lounge provides a variety of hair care, beauty, and fashion styling services. Lovi specializes in various color and cutting techniques, natural hair styling, extensions, custom wig making, makeup application, personal styling and more. Lovi is an advocate for maintaining healthy hair and educates her clients on at home hair care.

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Lovi 817-366-6475

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Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin keeps breaking records, but should you invest in the year’s hottest commodity?

2017 has become the year bitcoin went big.

It started the year worth less than $1,000 but has soared above $17,000. Back in 2011, it was worth less than a dollar. It is being bought and sold by investors in a frenzy, driving the price higher and higher.

Some leading economists and financiers are calling bitcoin a bubble and a fraud, but industry insiders say they think it's only going to get bigger as it gains more widespread acceptance.

Peer Support

Mr. Elliot Palmer, Jr.

Elliot Palmer is a dedicated professional in the field of peer support with the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting individuals who struggle with substance use disorders and other mental health diagnoses. He is certified in peer support by the State of North Carolina and serves as a peer support training facilitator for NC-HOPE.

Elliot is the founder and lead facilitator of A.N.S.W.E.R. (A New Start While Empowering Recovery) which provides W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) training. He is certified with the American Heart Association as a CPR/ First and BLS instructor. To date, he has trained hundreds of individuals in peer support and W.R.A.P. plan development, aiding in the promotion of wellness and education.

Elliot’s previous experience in office management highlights his leadership and expertise with interpersonal communication and organization, both required skills in peer support work. Elliot is committed to helping others in their recovery efforts. He has spent many years doing so, increasing his ability to assist individuals with acknowledging their strengths, identifying community resources, and implementing learned strategies to support health and wellness.

Elliot is also trained in housing assistance and other services necessary for assisting peers, in addition to being a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a recovery and wellness consultant.

Elliot’s experience demonstrates his passion for service and capacity to deliver high quality education that will prepare individuals for peer support work.

It Works for your Health

It Works! is an industry leading beauty and nutrition company that empowers people to live the life of their dreams.”

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