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About Cassandra Brand aka MsAlexis

Cassandra Brand is the CEO and Founder of The Purpose of Closure Co. established in 2010. Cassandra Brand is a published author, publisher, public speaker and Blog Talk Radio Host. Cassandra Brand is a certified Peer Support Specialist, certified in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) developed by Mary Ellen Copeland PhD. and is a Community Advocate. She has a passion for people who struggle with getting closure from unresolved issues and trauma in their lives. Cassandra Brand believes that every person regardless of age, nationality, religion, or background has a purpose so she helps usher them into closure so that they may enter into their divine purpose. She love to travel and share her story to inspire and encourage the heart of people by using her Books and E-books as a tool. In her writings, she is very candid and transparent so that people can relate and realize that they are not alone. Join her book club discussion to help along the way through your personal journey. If you don't know what your Purpose is you'll be opened to any and everything happening to you like a revolving door.

.Cassandra Brand is available for Coaching Sessions, Book Signings, Hosting Events, and Public Speaking.



Cassandra Brand - The Purpose Closure Publishing Co.

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